Workshops: Learn how to create well defined population projections scenarios based on current trends using open tranparent methods and data to the municipal level.

Population analysis of current trends in the compenents of population change - births (fertility), deaths (life expenctancy), in-migration, and out-migration, by age and sex - is the foundation upon which to examine social and economic activity.

Attendees will learn the cohort change ratio method for creating projections (aka Census Survival Ratios, a United Nations term), an easy to understand, openly verifiable and reproducible method referring to open, readily available public data - Statistics Canada's Census of Population counts, arguably the best data with which to examine current demographic trends.

Presentations provide a description of a community's current demographic trends as well as clearly explained population projection scenarios to the municipal level.

Consulting: For people who would like to see what the future will look like if current demographic trends continue and may also be interested in alternative scenario projections.

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Presentations - Frontiers in Population Projections (Population Specialty Group, AAG L.A. 2013 Chair); Methods for Projections (Canadian Population Society, Victoria BC, 2013 Congress); Projections for Community Members, International Conference of Population Geographies, Netherlands 2013 invitation; Population Projections, Western Division, CAG, March 2014, Big Data and the Third Sector workshop, Edinburgh Scotland, November 2014. Here is an abridged version (11 minutes 45 sec) of my presentation at the Big Data and the Third Sector at

Population analysis is also helpful to consider when planning whether to open or close public or private facilities.

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