International Conference of Population Geographies, Seattle, presentation "Population Projections for Community Members"
June 29, 2017

See the Articles from June to August 2017

Grade 11 Social Studies, Qualicum District, British Columbia
January 6, 2017

This is the fifth year introducing Grade 11 students to demographic trends and possible future scenarios.

Big Data and the Third Sector, Edinburgh Scotland
Workshop #2, November 25, 2014

The method and data provided were not the method and data used to create population estimates and forecasts used in turn to justify public school closures, as well as to determine Finance Canada's equalization payments. Why the Population Projection Project was developed video, 12 minutes

Canadian Association of Geographers, Western Division Presentation
March 2014

West Coast Population Change and the population projection for the Alberni Clayquot Census Division (Regional District). Click on the Age Distribution Animation to 2061 (chart).

Public Presentation Addressing Public Elementary School Closures
February 2014

See Elementary enrolment on the rise.

Canadian Population Society Presentation
Methods for Projections, June 2013

See Population Projections Methods for Community Members

Open letter to School Districts
January 14, 2013, revised March, 2013 with new link

"A "Population Projections Program", will also provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate skills and attitudes of active citizenship, such as ethical behaviour, open-mindedness, respect for diversity, and collaboration."

Participation in Global Knowledge Economy starts Locally
April 18, 2012
Communities that encourage public consultation, scientific inquiry, the exchange of information, thoughtful discussion, and engage students, young and old, in local issues are both better informed and better able to participate, and gain high paying jobs, in the growing global knowledge economy.

Public School Enrolment
April 2011

Presentation at Town of Qualicum Beach town hall/council meeting

Population Forum
January 17 and 31, 2011

Qualicum School District Facilities Review Information Sessions, presented by, and for, concerned citizens. "Population Change and Fluctuating Enrolment"

People and the planet: the role of global population in sustainable development
October 2010

The Royal Society call asks "What are the strengths and weaknesses of different population modelling methodologies.

Both BC Statistics and Statistics Canada use different population methods and models to estimate population, by single year of age and sex at the regional level. Read the proposal ....

Population Forum
June 1, 2010

Are you interested in official community plans, business or market planning, sustainability planning, enviromental impacts resulting from human activity, or just opening or closing public or private facilities, then you will likely need to talk about population change.

Population Geography Course - First Class with Elder College
March 2010

For All You Population Geography Enthusiasts, here is the outline sketch of the First Class

Population Forum
February 18, 2008

This area is unique in Canada. It has the oldest population (median age continues to rise - ~60 in 2006 to ~65 in 2011) in the country and will lead Canada into a very different population composition. We should all be looking at demographics and know more about our population make-up, perhaps even as much as we know about hockey statistics. More importantly, when will the next bust occur?

Global and Local Population Change
January 2008

How does Parksville/Qualicum reflect global population change? It leads Canada as an aging population...something the rest of Canada will go through over the next thirty years.

Presentation to Parksville and Qualicum Beach Chambers of Commerce, January 2008. Read more ...

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