The purpose of this website is to provide information about the real methods used to create British Columbia's Official Population Statistics. These include: 1) the methods and models used, (are they sound?), and 2) the working environment, (are mistakes addressed and improvements made?).

The goal is to have the population numbers verified to ensure that they are not changed outside of the models without informing clients, taxpayers, Ministries, etc.

The efforts made since February 15, 2006 to raise awareness and to allow mediation and arbitration, as well as the efforts by government to not allow mediation and arbitration are presented on this Home page.

A Data Warning is provided for quick reference to many fundamental issues that Official Statistical Agencies must address to ensure reliability of information.

A Discrimination page is provided pointing to the systemic problems supporting eletism, classism, racism, and a need amongst some people in government to make scape goats of employees who provide solutions to reduce error, time and costs.

An rare opportunity to see the internal workings of an Official Statistical Agency, BC Stats, is provided on the Journal page. The Journal describes the way the Population Section handled the creation and disemmination of population estimates and projections for the years from January 14, 2002 to February 15, 2006.

While this effort has taken many years, with many people in positions of authority continuing to avoid the real matters in dispute, some improvements have begun to be implimented with the new Premier and new management at BC Stats.

In an effort to ensure people are not subjected to wrongful dismissals, the British Columbia (BC) Public Service Act, the BC Labour Code, the BC Human Rights Act, and the Master Agreement must be adhered to by the Ministries of Labour and of Citizens' Services, as well as the BC Public Service Agency and the BC Government Employees Union.

See the facts and exhibits exposing the wrongful dismissal and coverup of corruption of Official Population Statistics Petition for arbitration to proceed

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