wm infomatics provides data solutions for people interested in reliable and up to date information.

These solutions have arisen from the need to reduce the amount of time taken to find and organize data for analysis, as well as the need to qualify the data as best as possible.

As more data is being moved out of file folders into databases, more people are seeing the benefits of storing data in relational databases. Once the data structure and relationships are set up, updates or revisions can be made quickly and with no error.

Databases provide many improvements over spreadsheets for storing information. Databases can store numbers as well as text. Properly structured, database tables can be linked easily (referred to as relational databases). This is very advantageous to people interested in looking for relationships between topics (variables).

Databases can be easily revised or updated. They can be queried much more easily and effectively than spreadsheets. Databases can be queried via the internet, intranet, of IIS generating labeled charts instantly. wminfomatics organizes databases to be compatible with Geographic Information Systems and therefore maps can also be generated.

Also, data that is stored in a database can be made available over an intranet or the internet instantly. wm infomatics has developed a software program, the WebAccess Data Management Tool or WADMT, that creates dynamic webpages in minutes. In fact, once you are used to working with the WADMT wizard, a dynamic webpage can be created in less than a minute. This is approximately 250 to 350 times faster than conventional methods.

The WebAccess Data Management Tool saves time and money while reducing the potential for error in presenting information on the internet, thereby maintaining data quality. This allows more people to have more time to examine and understand the strengths and weaknesses of the data. By using the WADMT program, information is kept current and users can be kept up to date and better informed. Our WebAccess Data Management Tool writes the code to create dynamic webpages in

We can also help you set up the data properly in a database (MSAccess, Oracle, MySQL, and SQL Server) so the information provider can walk through the WebAccess Data Management Tool wizard (12 takes about a minute) and create a dynamic webpage with table outputs of the data with footnotes, as well as a labeled chart and the option to download a .csv.

The look of the webpage is modularized, separate from the functionality, so that design changes can be implemented easily to the users preference.

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