What is this about?

The goal of the Population Projections Project is to describe where we are and where we are heading on current demographic trends calculated directly from Canada's Census of Population, from the national to the local (small towns and villages) levels.

What about

the Author?

What about

the data?

What about

the methods?

What about

Accuracy of the Projections (for Canada as a whole); Comparing projections calculated from the 1996 2001 and 2006 censuses with the actual 2011 count?

What about

Population Projections Project Scenarios Compared To 2016 Census Of Population?

What about our (the PPP's) trajectory?*

95% certain we're still doomed.

What about the other 5%?

Adventure and glory like no one has ever seen before.

But where are we going?

The future, boys and girls. The glorious future.

Endnotes and Sources:

* Paraphrased from the Penguins of Madagascar: The Movie

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