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Promoting informed dialogue and understanding of the factors that influence the components of population change - births, deaths, in and out migration by age and sex, from the national to local level, with instructions on how to calculate several well-defined population projection scenarios directly from Canada's Census of Population and Dwelling.
It is hoped that a better understanding of population related issues will help improve discussions and decision making about planning, including the opening and closing of public and private facilities, transportation, and electrical generation, water works, etc.
In order to handle large volumes of data for statistical analysis of the factors influencing the components of population change, sound data management systems are required. Clear and easy procedures to gather, store, process and retrieve data as tables, charts or maps are available to help people stay informed. Using mail merge, word documents can also be generated as outlines populated with subject headings, subheadings to text with source and date.
WM Infomatics creates Open Database Connectivity tools including wizards that create dynamic website interface with well designed relational databases. Take a look at the Web Access Data Management Tool that creates functional dynamic websites with table, chart, or map outputs in less than one minute.

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